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Minggu, 5 Desember 2021   

Our Vision

Save Investment

Are you a staff working for a company/an entrepreneur/ housewife/or CEO of an enterprise? Are you (interesting to investment and) looking for secure investment?
Be sure that one of your investments lays on bar-gold. Consult to us about bar-gold investment because we are expert on managing bar-gold investment, include these aspects; how to buy bar-gold, how to sell bar-gold, or how to use it as a collateral.

Investation Theory

Don't put all of the eggs you have on one basket”. Be sure that your investments are not placed in just a single portfolio and bar-gold must be one of your investment portfolios beside stocks, obligation, land and dollars.

History Proves

History proves that gold has no inflation effect (zero inflation effect). Just like Dirham & Dinar currency based on gold is stable and has real value.

Gold As A Mobile Investment

By the fast growth of technology, market players don't want to loose any opportunity they have on making transaction. They perceived gold investment as cash equivalent investment because of its good liquidity level. This characteristic makes many of both market players and financial institutions feel more secure and put their trust on this investment. It seems that in the future, financial institutions will trust the market player with gold-investment more and give loan with gold as collateral and competitive profit sharing. There is a possibility that government's collateral of loan decreases for any loan on financial institution. Before this come to be true, we suggest you to invest on gold as soon as possible (and let us to be your consultant).

Scarcity Theory

On many countries, gold production is decreasing. It means that the scarcity level of gold on the world increases. Despite of that scarcity, the demand and the price of gold is getting higher.

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